Breaking the cycle of rental insecurity: Take a leg up towards your own home with our help

breaking the cycle of rental insecurity

Australians are facing a new paradigm. Australians are better educated, earn more and have more flexible employment options than ever before. Despite this, getting and then keeping a secure rental is getting harder.

Tenancy laws have been changed in many states in an attempt to provide renters with security. Sadly, tenants dread receiving a letter from their agent. Too often, the letter informs tenants that the owner wants to resume residing in their property or that the owner wishes to sell.

An increase in interest rates makes purchasing a property more difficult for first home buyers but is also contributing to pressure on investors. Some investors may buckle under the debt strain and choose to sell their property. This increases the chance of housing insecurity even for good tenants that have never missed a month of rent.

Break the rental cycle of crisis. Secure your property sooner. Our Leg Up can help you secure your own home.

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