Unlock the equity in your home and become the favorite parent with Our Leg Up!

Empowering parents to equally support their children's dreams

Empowering parents

Empowering parents in the journey towards equitable financial support for their children’s aspirations of homeownership is a transformative concept. Because can the average person still afford a home? Our Leg Up introduces an innovative framework that allows parents to harness the equity in their homes as a financial springboard. And so this ensures that every child has an equal chance to step into the world of property ownership. And the initiative is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about fostering a sense of fairness and unity within the family unit. Because it enables parents to utilize their assets in such a strategic manner, Our Leg Up breaks down traditional barriers that may have previously led to feelings of favoritism or inequality among siblings.

Pooling Resources

The platform’s approach to pooling resources from a broad network of property owners amplifies the potential for support. Because it creates a communal ‘bank of mum and dad’, benefits extend beyond individual families to a wider community. This collective effort not only maximises the utility of unused home equity but also embodies the principle of shared prosperity. As more families engage in this model, a ripple effect will be felt. This will lead to a significant shift in how communities support the next generation in achieving their homeownership goals. Empowering parents to become facilitators of this communal support system not only enhances their children’s prospects but strengthens communal bonds.

Building fairness

Our Leg Up’s mission goes beyond financial transactions; it’s about building a foundation of equity and fairness that permeates every level of family and community interaction. Empowering parents to make such impactful decisions in their children’s lives reinforces the importance of equal opportunities and shared success. As this model gains traction, it promises to reshape the landscape of homeownership support. And so the dream of homeownership is more attainable for many. Fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for the future generations.

Our Leg Up gives you the opportunity to unlock the unused equity in your home and earn a return.


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