More investment = Higher living standards

more investment higher living standards

34 cliches can’t all be wrong! Reap what you sow, chickens come home to roost, get out what one puts in, …

Put simply, we need to continue to invest if we want to keep lifting our living standards. Total investment across the economy is well below the peak of the mining boom.

The same is true looking at housing investment share of the economy. Across 2022 investment was approximately 5% of GDP, near the record lows since the turn of the century.

We have consistently struggled to keep annual investment in housing at the long term average since the GFC. It is not surprising that we have a housing crisis.

To improve living standards we need more private business investment, public investment in infrastructure (roads, rail, schools, hospitals) and private investment in housing of all types. Visit Our Leg Up to find out more


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