Retirees, don’t feel trapped by your own home!


Retirees tend to remain where they are most comfortable. Put simply, the longer you can hold onto your home, the greater certainty you will have over your retirement.

It is no surprise that we are holding onto our homes longer than ever before. The average ‘hold period’ for all households rose nationally in the latest quarter to 9.9 years.

For a retiree, their own home offers an unparalleled opportunity. It is a ‘triple threat’:

– Consumption
– Inflation hedge
– Real price growth

The only problem, it is all on paper. You can’t spend the wealth you have, let alone profit from the asset accumulation. It then becomes a difficult choice, do I stay where I am comfortable or ‘cash in’ so I can enjoy my retirement? Does it feel like you are trapped by your own home?

Our Leg Up has found a way to enable retirees to maintain their comfort and gain some income from their property assets.

Our Leg Up is allowing you to ‘bank’ your property asset and generate a return by using the value of your home as security. There is no interest to repay leaving you free to stay in your home, rent out your home or sell your home without having to repay a loan.

Visit Our Leg Up to find out more about this innovative product.


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