So, you want a comfortable retirement?


The gap between a ‘comfortable retirement’ and a ‘modest retirement’ for a couple is estimated to be $23,475, measured in June 2022, according to and the ASFA Retirement Standard .

An annuity to provide this income would cost approximately $512,000 for a female starting at age 65. What if you don’t have the cash to invest? Do you have to take out a loan to supplement your income?

Mortgages against your home are expensive. Interest rates you are charged are often high. Market rates are usually even higher than for regular home loans, variable rates are over 7% for most providers.

What if there was another way? Use the equity in your home and earn return rather than pay interest?

Using Our Leg Up, the equity in a median house in Sydney can generate an indicative return of $19,000-$28,000 per year without incurring a debt or any interest. A median Melbourne house can generate returns of between $14,500 and $21,500 per year.

This will help to keep you debt free and comfortable during your retirement.

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