Want to halve your chance of living in poverty?


Is the pension enough to live on? Do I have enough super? What if I get sick or suffer an accident?

These are all the common questions people ask themselves.  The most important question is often overlooked. Being a renter doubles your chances of living in poverty.

According to ACOSS (Australian not for profit experts in addressing poverty) and the University of NSW, 33% of private renters in 2015-16 were living in poverty compared with 16% of singles aged 65+.

Don’t give up! Now is the time to start getting together a deposit.

Our Leg Up can help. If you have been paying rent every month for years, you are probably already capable of buying a home. 

Our Leg Up helps put your saving goal within reach! For as little as a 5% deposit, Our Leg Up can help you gain access to the best home loans from major banks.

Visit us to not be left in the cold just because you don’t have a home.

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