Working after you are 67 should be a choice not a requirement


Many Australians struggle to leave the workforce. For some, they are keen to keep connections with the work they love or the colleagues they enjoy mentoring. This should be on your terms, not the banks.

For many, the fear of an insufficient retirement nest-egg is a daily reality. Do I really have enough superannuation to retire? Or another common problem, “once I pay all my debts I have very little super left”.

According to the ABS survey, ‘Retirement and Retirement Intentions, Australia’,
“For people intending to retire, the main factor that will influence their decision about when to retire was financial security.”

What if there was another way? Use the equity in your home and top-up your super without incurring debt.

Using Our Leg Up, the equity in your home can generate income without incurring a debt or any interest.

This will help to keep you debt free and comfortable during your retirement.

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